Sunday, June 20, 2010

Race Report - Minuteman Sprint June 19, 2010

Got things all packed up and had an early night. I also made sure to have a really good night sleep on Thursday night and take it easy on Friday. I was in bed by 9pm with alarm set for 3AM. Thank goodness I set 2 alarms, as my primary one did not go off, since I forgot to turn it on after I set it. I was up and out of the bed right away. Said good-bye to Sue and I was downstairs to get ready.

Made up my smoothie (milk, soy protein, granola, frozen berries, plain yogurt and a banana) for the road, a bagel with PB, a electrolyte drink and a few bottles of water. Packed up the car, loaded the bike on the rack, and away I went. I was out the door by 3:40AM. Drive was uneventful and arrived on site by about 5:10AM. There were a few people there already, but nothing like the Timberman line of cars. Parked and went to package pick-up. Got my numbers and shirt (bummer it was long sleeved) and then was body marked. Went to the car to get my gear and bike. Got to transition and started to get ready. A couple of trips to the porta-potties and race time was approaching (7AM).

I managed to meet up with Stu and Nancy prior to the race and also Jon who was doing a relay with Don and Tracy. They ended up coming first overall in the relay by like 16 or 18 minutes.

Got the neoprene pants and shirt on and went down to the water. I took a nice dip in the lake (73 degrees) and it was very pleasant. Swan about 1/2 way to the first buoy and back with no problem.

This was a big race for me since I had decided from now on I would race in my proper wave and not request to go in the last group.

Race time was delayed by about 15 minutes and once it started we were the 2nd wave in. They were sending all men together in one wave. I stayed to the right near the back and off we went.

I was in the water right away and never looked back. I was so happy with my swim, only looking up to sight. No "heads up" breaststroke or rolling on my back. The swim was awesome. I passed a few and when the first wave of women came by I barely noticed except for the one who grabbed my butt! LOL

I made both turns fine and headed for the swim finish. I have to say, those swims at Stiles Pond with the team went a long way to eliminating any anxiety I have in the water. I got out of the water in 13:39 (1/4 mile - 205 out of 212) and was feeling great.

T1 went great and I was out with my bike in 2:55. The bike course was real smooth with only a couple of rolling hills. Now was the test for my new set-up. In all of my rides since the upgrade at Salem Cycle, the best I had done was about 15.4 mph. I managed 16.5 mph for this 14 mile ride. It is amazing how much it means to get "pushed" by other riders. I LPed (term I use when I pass an able bodied rider since I am an LP - Little Person) at least 12 other cyclists. I actually stopped counting after 12.

There was one rider who passed me and then we proceeded to pass each other throughout the course. She said we were playing "leap frog". Each time I passed her I said, "ribbit, ribbit". The second last time I passed her was on a long down hill stretch and when I looked at my computer I was doing 34 mph. She called me a "son of a bitch" that time. We were both laughing pretty hard. When she passed me she thanked me for pushing her so hard and said she would give me a hug when we finished. I didn't see her again after I passed her about a 1/2 mile before T2.

I finished the 14 mile bike in a time of 53:17 which placed me 171 out of the 212. That is better than 42 of the riders. WOW....... that is better than 20% of the riders. Not bad for 20 inch wheels and short legs. I was totally happy with my ride.

Into T2 and all was well. When I got to my area, some idiot let their bike on top of all of my gear and not in the rack. I got off of my bike and proceeded to move their bike. Not too angry, I placed it down nicely. I then racked my bike and got ready for the 4 mile run. A quick drink of my electrolyte drink, change shoes, put on Nathan belt, and I was on my way.

I walked most of the first 1/4 mile and then started to jog a bit. Back and forth I went and then I started to get passed. I don't think I ever passed a runner, but kept a few in sight for most of the run. Once I got going it was much more running and not much walking. I am pretty sure I ran the last 3/4 of a mile, if not a full mile. I felt strong going into the shute and crossed the line at a time of 2:16:33 (205 out of 212). Which gave me a 4 mile run time of 1:03:40 (208 out of 212). That is a little less than 16 minute miles, which I am very happy with after the strong swim and ride.

The post race snacks were great. I sat around for a while and then got changed. I managed to catch Don in from his bike, met Tracy (big-time relay swimmer with Don), saw Nancy, Stu and Elaine all in from the rides and leave for their runs. I even stayed around to cheer all of them at the finish line. Including Jon finishing the relay with Don and Tracy.

All in all, a great day. Now, it's 3 weeks until "Old Colony", my first go at an Olympic distance race. It's a 1 mile swim, 24 mile ride, and 6.5 mile run. It will be a test, but I am certain I will be ready to give it my best shot.

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  1. Great race report! Sounds like you had a blast and that's what's important. It is amazing how on race day you (generally) exceed expectations... I mean, everyone tells you you will, but I just don't always seem to trust it. You "LP"-ing an "able bodied person" made me chuckle.

    I was at an open water swim clinic and the coach started off talking... he asked us something like, "look around and pick out the fasted swimmer." We were all different shapes and sizes. Everyone was silent. The he replied, "You can't, can you?" When it comes to swimming, you can never tell who is going to be fast or not. I think it could apply to the bike (somewhat) too! Good luck at Old Colony! I just did my first Olympic this year in April. I'm on the road for my first half-ironman distance in September at Redman!