Monday, October 8, 2012

NSS Reunion

I had a weekend away from Sue and Owen in Toronto.  There was a dedication ceremony at my old high school, Northern Secondary School.  There had been a campaign and a brand new turf field was put in and they had a ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open the field.  The field had been named CLARKE PULFORD FIELD back when the school celebrated it's 75 anniversary.  Mr. Pulford was there to help cut the ribbon along with some other key people involved in getting the new field project done.  

Former Red Knight Football players from the 80's along with Coach Pulford

Me along with Jim Hutton.
Both Jim Hutton, my 9th grade phys ed and math teacher along with Dale Callendar, were integral people involved in getting this 7? year project complete.  They were directly involved in fund raising and in helping to secure outside donations and pledges from both corporate and government entities.

As I wrote on my facebook page, Jim Hutton was one of the main reasons I became a teacher.  His goal in life had always been to help young people become responsible for their actions.  He taught me to be self-disciplined and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I got to spend some key time with some great friends from NSS.  In no particular order, they are, Ottilie, Graeme, Wade, Chris, Toby, Jan, Stephanie, Bill, Warren, John, Ainsworth, Alex, Dave, Peter, Ford, and Nata.  I am really sorry if there are some names I left out.  It really was a whirlwind tour. There some former teachers as well, some of whom I had MAJOR crushes on back in the day.  To save their embarrassment, I won't included their names, but suffice it to say, they taught me Chemistry and English in the grade 12 and 13 respectively.

I also got a very quick visit in with Bonnie and her family and along with my mom.  I arrived there on Sunday afternoon and then flew home this evening.  I was actually able to fly home on Porter Airlines for free using the tickets I won from the Toronto Triathlon Festival.

This morning I was able to get up and have my longest training run in preparation for the NYC Marathon which is in 4 weeks.  I did a 13.1 mile run through Orangeville this morning leaving my sister's house just prior to 7AM.  I completed the run in 3:02 and what really struck me was that my last 13.1 RACE was completed in 3:05.  This run goes along way in boosting my confidence as I prepare to race the marathon.  Deep down inside, I KNOW I WILL BE READY in November 4th.  Lookout, NYC, here I come!!!


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