Sunday, May 18, 2014

When Does the Yo-Yo-ing STOP?

Please, soon I hope.  I don't know how much more of this I can take.

November 2012- Drive to NYC to run in the marathon (UP)
Marathon cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy (DOWN)
Run in the Myles Standish Marathon 2 weeks later and qualify for Boston 2013 (UP)
Get injured (totally my fault for not resting) and can't run for 2 months (DOWN)
Recover and prepare in just 2 months for Boston 2013 (UP)
At race expo picking up my bib, I found out that one of my students died tragically in a car accident (WAY DOWN!!!)
Start the Boston Marathon (UP)
Get stopped with less than a mile to go (DOWN)
Have a successful tri season and run in the NYC Marathon (UP)
Start the 2014 Boston Marathon (UP)
Have to pull out 10 miles into the race due to stomach flu (DOWN)
Return to Natick three weeks later (last weekend) to run the last 16 miles alone (UP)
Arrive home that day to get a message from my sister that my mother is not well. (DOWN)
I was able to return to Canada and be with my mother for her last few hours, when she died this past Friday (TOTALLY SHATTERED)

This is not a post to have people feel sorry for me and I know a lot of this revolves around unfinished races, which in the big scheme of the world, is not a big thing and could be a lot worse.  It is still a ride I want to get off soon.  I know you really can't experience the highs of this life without experiencing the lows, but I really am starting to say, "WHY ME?"  The next time something really amazing happens, I am honestly going to have to step back and say, "Okay, what's happening next?"

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