Wednesday, December 30, 2015

On the Verge Of 2016.

I would like to ask a favor. PLEASE STOP POSTING the "What's your excuse?" memes with the picture of someone with a visible disability doing some athletic feat. It sends SO MANY mixed messages, the main one being, if you are able-bodied and not working out, you should be, because this "amazing" person is.  Another one I can't stand is, "The only disability is a bad attitude".  As if I can will myself to slam dunk a basketball simply by trying harder.  There are 100's of people out there with non-visible challenges as well, who simply get disregarded because we can't see how hard their life can be.  Instead of asking yourself, "Why aren't I doing anything?" ask the athlete "Why do you do what you do?" You will more than likely find out, it is for the same reason any other person competes, and that's for the personal satisfaction of being better than he or she was yesterday.

I'm the first one to admit I probably post way too many pics and details about my work-outs and races.  I'm not doing that so people say "Look at that dwarf-athlete"'  I'm hoping that over time, people will forget that I have dwarfism and simply see me as some soon-to-be 50 year old guy who decided almost 7 years ago, to take control of his life.  Do I want to be the first person with dwarfism to complete an Ironman triathlon?  Heck ya!  But if someone else does that first, that's not going to take away from what I will eventually do and I'll be the first one to congratulate them.  I simply want others with dwarfism, especially young children who have been told countless times, sometimes by people who love them dearly, "You can't do that because you're too small" to realize there are no limits to what the human heart desires.


  1. Totally agree! I am so glad we met! I love training with you and chatting. I got to know you more on the rides to Lynn Woods and our runs. I see you as a person with dreams and a huge desire to be the best you can be. I don't see you as a person with a disability. I see you as a competitor! I was so stoked to see you at the finish line at the Festivus 5k, you crushed that race! I was excited for you and the personal best. Thanks for being at the finish line to see me and others come in after you finished.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I was actually getting ready to do a segment called "What's your excuse?" What you wrote really made me think and I've changed my mind.
    However, the main part of my show is interviewing people who are doing something that may motivate and inspire other people I focus on the creative process. I'd love to interview.
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