Saturday, December 12, 2009

Running during the fall and winter

Well.........running is certainly my least favorite part of triathlon. To the end, I have done a few runs this fall and look forward to running more again next spring.

I did the Witch City 5K Road Race in Salem, MA, October 25, 2009. My time was 44:37 for a mile pace of 14:22.

I did the Wild Turkey 5 Mile in Salem, MA on Thanksgiving Day. My time was 1:24.14 for a mile pace of 16:51.

Last weekend ( December 6th) I did the Jolly Jaunt 5k in Danvers, MA. It was fundraiser for the Special Olympics. I managed to raise almost $300. My time was 50.27 for a mile pace of 16:17. That was certainly the coldest weather I have ever ran in. Think I will be waiting until the spring to run a race again.

I picked up a bike trainer last weekend as well. I am just waiting to pick up an adapter for my 20 inch wheels and then I can cycle to my heart's content down in the basement.

I am hoping to get new wheels in tires in the spring. I will also hopefully be getting a bigger chain ring and new smaller cassette for the back gears. I am looking to end the "spinning out" I am doing when going downhill. There is only so high my cadence can go and I am hoping to be more efficient real soon!


  1. I started out with hating running the most. Now, it's my favorite.

  2. I hated running too. I can't say I've totally embraced it, but I hate it less now.

    I got a trainer too! Good luck with the new tires!