Thursday, January 6, 2011

Training Started for 2011 Season

I started my training for the 2011 last Sunday and tomorrow is my first REST/RECOVERY day.  I have hit all my numbers so far.  Will be doing a lot of reading over the next few weeks on weight training and nutrition.

I decided I will seek some coaching help for some single sessions but don't think I will get a coach on a monthly basis.  I kind of figured out, since no one has worked with a little person, most of what they suggest will be a lot of "guess work" on their part.  I will seek some help on specific matters, but I think that's all I need at this point.  That may change, but we'll see.

I worked out a plan using an IRONMAN distance training plane.  The reason being, since I always finish races at about twice the time of the best finishers, it should make sense I use an IRONMAN plan.  All plans I have seen are based on time, so since it takes me about twice as long, if I use a 1/2 Ironman training plan, I won't have put in enough time.  That's what I think will work.

About 3 weeks before the event, I will be at my peak training time at about 16 hours per week.  Right now I am at about 6 hours.  I don't know where the time will come from, but we'll see.

On the trainer in the basement I've been enjoying catching up on SHOGUN.  A mini-series I remember from the early 80's.  SO RETRO.

Happy New Year !! 

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  1. Hey there sir! Just wanted to see if you're going to post some more updates. I'm awaiting more current news of your progress other than the little bits I get off facebook! keep rocking it!